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Dynalco SST-2400H Speed Switch / Transmitter
Dynalco SST-2400H 速度传感器


速度传感器CSA 1级,2类,C、D组。批准:CSA和CE批准。SST-2000A/H系列是一种高度可配置的产品。SPEED TRANSMITTER CSA Class 1, Division 2, Groups C, D。Approvals: CSA and CE approved. SST-2000A/H series is a highly configurable product.

Dynalco SST-2400H Speed Switch / Transmitter速度传感器

Dynalco SST-2400H Speed Switch/Transmitter

SST-2400H Data Sheet
SST-2000 Manual
SST-2400H Agency Approval (CSA)
SST-2400H Agency Approval (ABS)

Product Code: SST-2400H


SST-2400H Speed Transmitter

SPEED TRANSMITTER CSA Class 1, Division 2, Groups C, D
Approvals: CSA and CE approved.
The SST-2000A/H series is a highly configurable product.
速度变送器 CSA 1类,2类,C,D组
SST-2000A / H系列是高度可配置的产品。



-现场可选择4-20 mA(标准),0-5 Vdc或0-10 Vdc的比例输出。包括标准的0-1 mAdc仪表输出。
Proportional outputs of either 4–20 mA (standard), 0–5 Vdc, or 0–10 Vdc are fieldselectable. Standard 0-1 mAdc meter output included.
Models available with up to four alarm setpoints.
Field-selectable frequency range.
Field-adjustable sensitivity control.
Field-programmable for many types of sensors, including contact closure input.
Repeater output drives counters and self-powered digital tachometers such as Dynalco's SPD-100 and SPD-700.
-有源传感器(例如M910),附件和数字仪表(例如DPM-105或MTH-103D)以及内部照明的SPD-100L和LST-100L的12 Vdc版本的稳压14 Vdc输出功率。
Regulated 14 Vdc output powers active pickups (e.g. M910), accessories, and digital meters such as DPM-105 or MTH-103D, and the 12 Vdc versions of the internally lighted SPD-100L and LST-100L.
-警报可针对DPDT(仅限SST-2400 A或-H),超速,欠速,通电,断电,闩锁,自动重置进行现场配置。
Alarms are field-configurable for DPDT (SST-2400 A or -H only), overspeed,underspeed, energize, de-energize, latch, auto-reset.
Integral VERIFY, requires external meter. Permits viewing and setting of setpoint value without actuating the relays.
-输入频率:满量程值,范围为0–0.1Hz(每分钟6个脉冲)至0–50,000 Hz。
Input Frequency: Full-scale values from 0–0.1Hz (6 pulses per minute) to 0–50,000 Hz.
Function: Converts frequency input (speed, rate) into linear proportional dc output. Provides alarm setpoints for over- and underspeed control and for sequential, startup, and shutdown switching.
-应用范围:包括引擎,机器,I / P驱动程序,仪器,过程控制,记录,测量。
Applications: Includes engines, machines, I/P drivers, instrumentation, process control, recording, measurement.
Signal Sources: Includes magnetic pickups, ac generators, contact closures, photocells.
-输出范围功能:始终包括高达50 mAdc输出的电流源。
Output Range Capability: Current source up to 50 mAdc output always included.
Alarm Setpoints: Available with two or four relays. Also available with no relays




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